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frozen margaritas

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All of our GOURMET "craft" mixes are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients. We blend the finest fruit purees containing the highest percentage of real fruit and fruit juice.  Select from a variety of sweeteners including agave nectar, 100% fruit Juice, natural cane sugar, inverted sugar syrup and high fructose corn syrup.  Upon request we offer a “sugar free” product.

Today our product line has expanded to include 100% fruit juice granita mix, granita mix, blender mixes, on the rocks mixers and fruit juice blends. 

frozen margaritas

Our Story


Brain Freeze Beverage started in 2010 serving the New York Metropolitan area. As our business grew our customer were asking for something different to make them unique and drive profitable sales.  We responded by changing our business model to manufacture small batch “craft” mixes which became propriety to each customer. With all the competition in NY it made sense that no two venues should have the same Frozen Drink Program. Our in house Mixologist created small batch mixes based on our customers’ flavor profile, using a broad range of sweeteners and the finest real fruit purees. This gave birth to our Frozen Beverage Solutions.

As our business expanded with larger venues we needed a more efficient and faster delivery system to serve our Gourmet craft mixes. We “partnered” with and became a Master Distributor for Frosty Factory of America.  Frosty Factory machines are made in the USA and offer our customers a state of the art delivery system.  To support our growing fleet of machinery we offer unparalleled service and in–house training.


Our Mission


Our commitment is to provide a unique and memorable experience for all our clients and their customers. 

To develop a simple, fast & easy to execute customized gourmet frozen drink program that tastes great, has high profit margins and uses state-of-the-art machinery.  

To support our programs with unparalleled service and training.   

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